Desired by the ladies, admired by the gentlemen, they have always occupied a special place among variety artists - the gentleman jugglers. Jeton, who is today probably the only specimen of this elegant breed, takes the trappings of high society and incorporates them into his unconventional performances. Walking cane, coin, cigar and billiard cues – even a large mirror glides through the air and is caught and balanced in a most extraordinary fashion. The remarkable dexterity with which he juggles balls and top hats proves just how rich and varied a juggler’s repertoire can be. The sensational climax of his act is the ultimate balancing feat - Jeton is the only juggler in the world who balances billiard cues and a billiard ball on his chin. As the discerning eye will recognise: a minor masterpiece.  Roguish charm, champagne and charisma make Jeton a juggler for connoisseurs to savour.

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