Riccardo Mancini is an exceptional artist with an extremely versatile voice, who is equally proficient in his repertoire of classical and pop music. As opposed to many of his tenor colleagues, Riccardo Mancini has the ability to present pop music in an authentic manner.

He started his career as an Elvis Presley impersonator and taught himself to sing the songs of his favourite singers at that time including Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Engelbert Humperdinck and his idol Tom Jones. Having developed a passion for vocal impressions, he has mastered the impressions of over 60 voices. Riccardo has performed on various stages throughout his career including the Pump Duck in New York, Atlantic City and at many palazzos throughout Europe.

Career Highlights

Finalist of "Turkey’s Got Talent“ 2015
Opening of the Opera Ball Frankfurt 2009
The Phantom of the Opera Live-Tour 2007
Best Impersonator / Entertainer Award 2003
Young Tenors Europe Tour - 1998
Dean Martin Show, Atlantic City 1995 - 1997
First Record (Songwriter Chris Andrews)1980
Second Record Hey little Girl“ 1983 (Still in the charts)
Best Elvis impersonator of Germany 1979

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Riccardo Mancini